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Optimize Resource Allocation to Lower Cost and Gain Visibility

“We used to have infrastructure sprawl but now it’s cloud sprawl.
I’m sure we’re wasting time and money but I can’t wrap my arms around it”

The Problem: There are tools that promise to turbo charge VM environments but they have limited cloud functionality and can’t truly help with provisioning. Some even tell you what’s wrong without giving you the tools to fix the issue.

With Morpheus: Our multi-cloud and mutli-platform discovery of brownfield deployments can gather more data about more environments than anyone else. Add a dose of predictive analytics and remediation to see how we help you lower costs and gain control of traditional, private, or public clouds and apps running on bare metal, VMs, or Containers.

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Assure Predictable Control to Enforce Governance and Enable Auditing

“We’ve expanded dev teams but can’t keep track of who is using what. I want guard-rails
to make sure we have control and they have freedom.”

The Problem: Easy access to cloud resources results in shadow IT. Ops pros want to help Dev teams move faster but are wired to worry about risk. Dev teams need simple and flexible access to tools to do their jobs.

With Morpheus: Provide turnkey application templates with the confidence of secure multi-tenant design and a policy engine that provides complete role based access over who, what, and when. Set quotas and associate certain clouds with specific groups of users. You can even set specific app lifecycle and workflow policies tied to ServiceNow.

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Accelerate DevOps Workflows with Self-Service Provisioning and Automation

“The Developer teams are measuring success in deploys per day but right now our IT team can’t keep up with requests. They want instant access to everything!”

The Problem: Increasing speed of code deployments requires connecting a disparate number of tools on the Dev side and Ops side. This is made more complicated in multi-cloud hybrid IT environments. API sprawl is beginning to be a problem.

With Morpheus: Morpheus was built by DevOps engineers with the DevOps professional in mind. We can help streamline CI / CD workflows from code commit to deployment to last mile monitoring, and logging. While Morpheus automates and simplifies many common DevOps functions, it is also fully extensible and compatible with current DevOps processes and methodologies. From an advanced API and CLI to automation with Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt or custom scripting, Morpheus provides the platforms and tools for DevOps pros to take your organization to the next level.

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Modernize App Infrastructure with Multi-Cloud and Multi-Platform Integration

“We finally got our VMware environment under control and now every time I turn around somebody wants to shift to containers. The Dev team is talking about micro-services but I’m just trying to keep up with our current apps”

The Problem: Enterprise application libraries are never as simple as executives would like. Most are a mix of bare metal and VMs, some span multiple hypervisors, and now with containers coming into view the world is getting more complex. IT can’t afford the time or cost of different toolsets for all these frameworks.

With Morpheus: Get a consolidated view of unpredictable and heterogeneous environments. With support for Bare Metal, VM, and Container orchestration across a massive number of public and private clouds it’s as close to ‘single pane of glass’ nirvana as you can get. You can start to split app tiers and technologies as you adopt micro-services. You can also assure app capacity and uptime with autoscaling and built-in data protection tools.

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Helping Solutions
Deliver Flexible Cloud

Managed Service Providers Can Deliver More Services to More Users

“Our business has changed a lot in the last 5 years. Hardware sales have completely changed, everybody wants some level of hosted or multi-cloud connectivity, and we’re now in a position to stand up our own self-service cloud plus broker mutli-cloud services to the large public providers.”

The Problem: MSPs and Partners who are getting into hosted services have the added problem of dealing with all of the traditional enterprise use cases and problems but are doing it in a multi-tenant environment while managing customer transformations across a variety of industries and customer types.

With Morpheus: This is the exact problem that led to the creation of Morpheus. Designed from day 0 as an infrastructure agnostic multi-tenant orchestration platform for Developers and IT professionals across dozens of private equity holdings it was tailor made for service providers. Increase scope of service offerings to help customers transition to multi-cloud hybrid IT and deliver hosted or white-labled cloud services using Morpheus. With MSP specific product and pricing plans we will partner with you to win in the market together.

Designed by real-world practitioners to meet their needs Morpheus has been 100% infrastructure and platform agnostic since Day 0

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