Morpheus cloud diagram

Welcome to the Hybrid Cloud

Although public cloud platforms have matured greatly in recent years, many businesses are still stuck between legacy solutions and modern cloud platforms. Gartner estimates that 50% of enterprises will deploy hybrid clouds by 2017. Clearly, there’s a massive need for cloud orchestration and management tools.

Cloud orchestration and management tools come in all shapes and sizes. The problem with most of these solutions is that they were created as an afterthought, or as a lead generation tool for more expensive software. While most providers have cloud-agnostic intentions, Morpheus actually delivers on that promise.

The Command Center for Enterprise IT

Morpheus was born out of necessity and frustration with the current offerings on the market. While most vendors claim to be “cloud-agnostic,” Morpheus was built from day one to deploy any app on any cloud using any database.

Morpheus product matrix

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