Frictionless Automation

From code creation to deployment and beyond


Leading DevOps teams deploy 46x more frequently than the average.
With Morpheus, deploy in minutes via best-in-class integrations

Continuous Integration

Automate linkage from builds to the rest of the pipeline

Integration and visibility of source code management and build automation

  • Access public or private repos on Git and GitHub
  • Tie into build tools like Grale and Maven
  • Track and manage Jenkins builds

Continuous Delivery

Enable code deploys and define infrastructure as code

Native scripting and orchestration plus deep
Configuration management integration

  • Leverage Morpheus via GUI or full API and CLI
  • Built-in container orchestration and Kubernetes integration
  • Tie into existing tools like Salt, Chef, Anisble, Puppet, etc.

Continuous Optimization

Streamline last mile ops and enable feedback loops

Robust physical stack integration as well as native or 3rd party monitoring, logging, and incident handling

  • Network integration for DNS and IP management
  • Built-in load balancer or connect to F5, A10, and others
  • Use AppDynamics, NewRelic, Splunk, etc. for more insight

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